Italian taste for

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In the Bianco Bianchi Workshop, active since the nineteen-sixties, Alessandro and Elisabetta Bianchi, inspired by the same passion and constant spirit of research and aided by their valid collaborators, create works in scagliola, of both traditional and modern inspiration.
Using the most genuine artisan techniques the designs are prepared with great care, the marble or “wall” support is prepared and the slabs incised, the colors to be applied to the slab are chosen according to the original design, and the work proceeds until the final phase of polishing. The Bianco Bianchi Workshop produces tables, panels, paintings, borders, decorative objects and other design elements.
The Workshop has always carried out a separate activity of restoration, collaborating with superintendencies, museums, collectors and antique dealers.
Unique pieces such as tables, panels and gift items that end up in some of the most beautiful houses in the world. An example is the scagliola table with the head of the Medusa, made by Bianchi for Versace’s villa, which inspired the stylist when he was in search of a logo for his collections.