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The Castorina Family, of Sicilian origin, has devoted itself to the work of preservation since 1895, in a time still characterised by workshops along with the “art of getting by”.
As with many workshops in Florence, the Castorina’s original occupation was the restoration of antique furnishings, dating from 1500 to 1900s. As time went by, the Castorina’s workshop gradually broadened its sphere of activity, which now ranges from the making of identical antique copies to the production of customised furnishings and bookcases.
The workshop also provides materials and decorations for artisans in the neighbourhood, as well as those requested by architects and interior designers. Our aim is to reproduce models of all styles (Baroque, Louis XVI, Empire, etc) as well as table legs, chests of drawers and capitals (Corinthian and Ionic) and to select motives from thousand of antique decorations, in order to turn them into new models made of carved wood or to reproduce them, at lower prices, by utilising wood pulp.