Italian taste for

international markets

Giusto Manetti Battiloro

Our family has been running the Battiloro business since 1600. Fifteen generations in Florence have produced real gold and silver leaf of the highest quality. We use ancient methods and traditions but at the same time some of the most cutting-edge structures and technologies in the world. Research and development as well as tradition and work ethic are the secrets of our trademark’s success, founded in 1820 by Luigi Manetti. Our company was one of the first to export real ‘Made in Italy’ gold leaf all over the world and now it has become the market leader. We work with the most important architects, gilders, restorers, museums, religious institutions and, more recently, chefs and cosmetic companies. From Paris to Hong Kong, by way of New York, London and Moscow, Manetti gold shines on the most important ancient and modern monuments in the world. Our collaboration in the areas of artisan craft, art, interior design and constant attention to the needs of our customers for classical and contemporary applications ensure the continuous development of innovative products like real gold and silver in rolls, books, fil edging, and decal, arriving at gold for cuisine, BeautyGold and TerraOro.