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Mariotti s.a.s.

In 1959, Giovanni Mariotti, teacher of competence, inventiveness and taste, created in the heart of the most famous neighborhood of the world for the craftsmanship and the arts, Santo Spirito, the firm Mariotti Artistic Chandeliers. Today Paolo,Giovanni’s son, supported from his wife and from a few years by the daughter, Viola, third generation of the Mariotti Chandeliers, continues the traditional production rigorously performed by hand, of chandeliers, ceiling fixture, appliques, table lights of every forge and finish. Don’t forget complements of furnish and bronze, crystal and marble objects. Finally a high competence in the restauration and in the joined antique activity.
From October 2006, Mariotti s.a.s. take part to Esercizi Storici Fiorenti, to prove that the masterpieces Mariottis giving the great Florentine tradition and they are known in all the countries of the world.