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Placing the eco-sustainable quality of the HOME at the centre, in relation to the health of its occupants: this is the philosophy that has inspired the OLTREMATERIA project. Indoor air quality, high environmental energy standards of buildings and healthy rooms in balance with nature are the pillars of our living well-being.
Our vision is to represent Green Building and Living as a new philosophy for coating systems and materials with extremely high performances but with low environmental impact, to promote a better quality of living and to help people live better.
OLTREMATERIA’s aim is to satisfy the needs of its consumers and to constantly develop new ideas and application techniques with which to meet their expectations, continuously handing down that culture, open to the ideas of all company personnel. At OLTREMATERIA, the human factor is precisely the discriminating element for corporate skills, with all that this entails in terms of values, expectations, hopes, ideas and creativity. This concept underlies the entrepreneurial philosophy of OLTREMATERIA, and even corporate values represent a way of being and of working.