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TasteItalian! ACADEMY aims at bringing to the professionals, the future professionals/students, F&B managers, buyers, media – and whoever is interested – deep knowledge about the territory, the producers and the distinguishing features of authentic Italian products, design, fashion, craftsmanship and technology.

Our Sustainability Mission and Vision:

We aim to create a global food community interested in achieving a future where healthy and sustainable food is affordable, accessible, and attractive to all.

We connect and educate leaders, innovators, communities, students, farmers and producers across disciplines to raise awareness and create engagement.

The Future of Food

Food with function! Let’s discuss and learn about food based on characteristics such as how it looks, tastes or smells.

Let’s learn to cook and use Italian products. But also let’s learn about the role food plays in reducing the risk of disease and promoting good health and how it impacts communities.

  • Food and Health
  • Transparent Supply Chain
  • Environmental Stewardship
  • Connected Communities


360° Sustainability


360° Transparency


Tech as Part of the Experience

Our key areas of interest

360° Sustainability

Food and Ingredients that tell a Story.

In addition to information about ethical sourcing and social responsibility, let’s tell stories behind where our food comes from.

“The sun has barely risen, and a young chef is gathering edible seaweed-destined for the night’s dinner menu–along a rocky coast, careful to harvest it in a way that it will grow back again and again. In the afternoon, a forager will bring him an unexpected trove of wild mushrooms, which will become the basis of an à la minute appetizer. For a whole generation of chefs, this is what it’s all about: making food is not just about buying it, it’s also about living it”. (Technomic 2023)

360° Transparency

A new, Multifaceted Transparency.

Let’s discuss transparency about our products and tell stories around sourcingfood origins, and growing and processing methods.

“This means have discussions about being fully transparent on several fronts, including pricing, revealing true net costs, and unbundled costs; corporate performance, emphasizing Fair Trade, diversity, living wages, and executive compensation; and the planet, publicizing its real environmental impact, conservation initiatives, and progressive stance on animal welfare”. (Technomic 2023)

Tech as Part of the Experience

Food Tech is here to stay!

“Technology amenities, from drone delivery to app-based checkout services, are redefining convenience and putting “frictionless” foodservice front and center. The game-changing rollout of Amazon Go into new markets is exposing more consumers to next-generation grab-and-go. But if the future is indeed frictionless, what lasting impact will it have on customer experiences and person-to-person interaction? Are brands poised to suffer in an environment where staff may no longer be the communicator of its identity? Restaurant companies committed to both tech-enabled convenience and the personal touch will be working to strike a balance between the two”. (Technomic 2023)

Academy Programs


Basic Intermediate – Advanced



F&B Managers

Basic – Advanced


Basic – Advanced

Food Lovers

Basic – Advanced

Food & Beverage

Completing the courses certificates will be released

Extra virgin Olive Oil
  • Territories producers and products
  • Blend and monocultivars
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil Professional Tasting
  • How to recognize the organoleptic properties
  • Mixology with Olive Oil
  • Italian Roasting Tradition
  • Specialty coffees
  • The culture of Italian Espresso
  • How to obtain a perfect espresso shot
  • Coffee andcappuccino art
  • Territories producers and labels
  • How to taste a wine and recognize its properties
  • Vertical Wine Tasting
  • How to pair wine with different dishes and culinary traditions
Pastry & Gelato
  • Gelato
  • Seasonal (Colomba, Panettone, Pandono)
  • Local (Neapoletan Baba, Sardinian Papassian)
Pizza Making
  • Learn from true master “Pizzaioli” how to make a perfect dough
  • Seasonal pizzas and toppings
  • Gourmet frozen pizza

…many others on demand!

Class Format Summary

Completing the courses certificates will be released


Minimum 8 hrs

Series of lessons that focus on different topics to get a general picture.


2 hrs

TasteItalian! Academy creates amazing face to face meeting with unbelievable and extraordinary people/entrepreneurs/producers/experts who with their stories and backgrounds can inspire and lead by their example. This classes are perfect to ask questions and learn the know-how from producers themselves.

Vertical and Horizontal tasting

1 hr

A vertical tasting is a journey through time for the tasters. It consists of tasting the same wine, the same cuvée, in different vintages, as opposed to horizontal tasting which involves the same vintage for all the cuvées. The basic rule is to start with the most recent vintages, i.e. the youngest wines, and continue with the older vintages.

As in any tasting, the four essential steps must be respected:

  • The visual analysis
  • The olfactory analysis
  • The taste analysis
  • The summary or conclusion
Masterclass / Lectio Magistralis

1 hr

Advanced classes targeted to students/professionals/lovers taught by experts, university professors or by producers themselves.

Meet with...

1 hr

Intensive educational program for small groups (ideally max 8) that focuses especially on techniques and skills in a particular field with the purpose to gather, discuss and research on a specific topic or project.

Round Tables and talk shows

2 hr

They are generally organized to discuss a specific topic or trend in the hospitality industry or food&beverage market by gathering with experts, professionals and media. Tasteitalian! Academy takes care of scouting and selecting the most acknowledged and qualified personalities.

What's Next

Food and

TasteItalian! ACADEMY aims at bringing to the professionals, the future professionals/students, F&B managers, buyers, and media deep knowledge about the territory, the producers and the properties of authentic Italian products…


  • How to use them as ingredients
  • How to prepare them
  • How to combine them in a menu
  • How to reuse and prevent food waste… and much more!

Coming soon...

Contemporary Craftsmanship Academy

TasteItalian! Craftsmanship Academy programs are meticulously designed to provide an immersive exploration of Contemporary High Craftsmanship and Arts. Led by renowned Italian Masters, these workshops serve as a wellspring of inspiration for the younger generation, encouraging them to devote their time and appreciation to the art of manual craftsmanship and the closely guarded secrets of “making”.

Our mission is to safeguard and perpetuate Italy’s rich regional traditions in craftsmanship, which encompass a diverse array of fields such as tailoring, shoemaking, jewelry crafting, design, leatherwork, ceramics, violin making, straw hat crafting, and numerous others. These workshops aim to ignite a passion for preserving and evolving the time-honored crafts that define Italy’s cultural heritage.

Coming soon...

Inventor, Innovation, and Technology Academy

TasteItalian! Technology Academy mission is to transport international students into the captivating narratives of the most groundbreaking “Made in Italy” inventions that have indelibly altered the course of human history. Additionally, we illuminate the innovations and technologies currently in the works, as we swing open the doors to the numerous “Talent Gardens” dispersed throughout Italy. In these hubs, we foster an environment of knowledge exchange and creative synergy, enabling fresh ideas and perspectives to germinate, ultimately contributing to the cultivation of a brighter future.

TasteItalian! Academy Partnership

TasteItalian! Academy is an ideal partner when it comes to building international relationships that can offer students and teachers the opportunity to participate in exchange programs in Italy and Europe.

  • Builds partnership between Italian and international private and public entities, Universities and research centers.

  • Bridges cultures

  • Fosters exchange programs between students, teachers, experts, producers, importers, media and professionals.

  • Collaborates with global institutions and people that understand the value in sharing knowledge to embrace a tasty, healthy, natural and authentically sustainable Italian lifestyle.

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