Product scouting
to maximize your offer.

Through product scouting TasteItalian! aims at helping businesses and final customers discover a range of unique, 100% true authentic Italian products.

Who is this for?

This service is meant for businesses that are looking to:


Differentiate their portfolio (retailers, distributors, importers etc);


Chefs/restaurateurs who are looking for a new selection to elevate their food and beverage offering


Importers/distributors/retailers aiming at producing with their PL (private label)

Based on the business needs, through this service, TasteItalian! introduces a selection of products that can potentially elevate the company's positioning.


As a part of the TasteItalian! excellence, producers are presented with the unique chance to join an international network that cultivates business opportunities with trusted and curated partners.

This affiliation offers a gateway to showcase products in foreign markets and leverage our team’s support to enhance your brand’s global competitive edge.


For Importers and Distributors

TasteItalian! team diligently handpicks the finest market products tailored to your needs, enabling you to stand out from the competition while ensuring utmost quality and reliability for your customers. 
This distinctive approach guarantees a unique and authentic 100% Italian experience, offering the opportunity for unparalleled originality.


Becoming a sponsor of TasteItalian! initiatives entails embracing shared values, endorsing a sustainable and authentic lifestyle, and fostering a strong connection with the community. 

TasteItalian! is commited to aid you in not only building your reputation internationally but also amplifying it, as we share a collective path towards meaningful impact and global recognition.

For Restaurants
& Hotels

TasteItalian! serves as your gateway to new techniques and products that enable your restaurant or hotel to establish itself as a pinnacle of excellence and a must-visit for connoisseurs of the good life

Position yourself as an indispensable destination for enthusiasts of the Italian lifestyle and elegance, elevate your menu, create an unforgettable ambiance, and provide an authentic experience that resonates with lovers of the finer things in life. 


TasteItalian! presents an array of original and authentic content through extraordinary entrepreneurial stories that unveil the essence of Italian excellence, offering your audience a glimpse into the world of exceptional craftsmanship, creativity, and dedication that defines the heart of Italy.

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Where culture and business meet. Thank you for connecting with us. 

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