Ortìa is the embodiment of 100% plant-baseddairy free creations. Conceived by its visionary founders Irene Pozzoli, Edoardo Pozzoli, and Francisco Garcia Molinari, Ortìa presents a range of spreadable creams that are not only 100% natural but also boast a high protein nutritional profile. These exquisite creations are designed to be savored at any hour of the day, offering endless possibilities for culinary exploration and experimentation.


We've embarked on an exciting journey to expand our trade, with a particular focus on Europe, as we introduce our innovative brand, Ortìa. Our longstanding mission has always been to empower Italian excellence and propel it onto the global stage. We take immense pride in the opportunity to collaborate with contemporary Italian entrepreneurs who exhibit exceptional acumen, creativity, and a keen awareness of the evolving demands within the food market and lifestyle trends, much like Ortìa. Thanks to the close collaboration of our dedicated teams, we initiated the first market test in Northern Europe. To our delight, it met with resounding success and piqued the interest of our extensive network of trusted partners.

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